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whats-in-your-handWhat's in Your Hand?  By Dr. Ralph F Wilson

"Moses, sweltering in the heat of the Sinai desert, is engaged in a pity party. "I can't do what you want, Lord, because of this excuse and that excuse. People won't accept me. I can't talk good. Let somebody else do it." But arguing with God is never a good idea. You don't win. Even if you say "No" (and God may let you), you lose. When you say "no" or "I can't," you miss out on the great adventure God has for you when you're in the center of His will for your life. But what is that will?" READ MORE


God answers all prayers


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hand through the sky


By Curt Klingerman / Article from / Author resource

It is easy to underestimate the power of God when you become overly aware of the conditions of the world, and try to discern events by what the world presents. If you immerse yourself in the events of the day, but fail to immerse yourself in God and His Word, every tragedy and horror will fill your senses to the point that you will not recognize the hand of God working behind the scenes...READ MORE



more than a conquerorMORE THAN CONQUERORS

By Toni Babcock / Article from

"Thank God, Jesus didn't call us to be half-hearted, weak-willed, or fear-filled Christians. Yet the reality is to a greater or lesser degree, most of us struggle to be what we ought to be in every circumstance of life. Often, when action needs to be taken, or an uncomfortable problem needs to be resolved, it's a temptation to sit back and do nothing simply because we are afraid to do anything..."  READ MORE




By Curt Klingerman /Article from Christian Articles

"Sometimes people forget just how patient the Father is with His children, and even sinners. He already made room for us to grow up in Christ Jesus even before the beginning of time. He knew then what we would face, the thoughts we would have, the decisions we would make, and the things we would do. Nothing takes Him by surprise.  Because He knows all things ahead of time, you cannot disappoint Him...."   READ MORE