Children and Youth

Children and Youth Programs



We want to see all children grow up in environments where they feel safe, happy and loved. Our programs are created with these things in mind, as well as developing within them values of community, acceptance and faith.

Kids Ministry Jonte U

Our Parish has had a long tradition of supporting the young people of our community in exploring faith in Jesus Christ and how this relationship can assist them in dealing with life’s challenges but also appreciating the wonderful gift that this can be. 


Our aim is to provide kids with a supportive, caring and safe environment where they can make friends, participate in some fun and creative activities, whilst being guided in Christian values and growing in Christian spiritual sense.  We have a range of programs and activities that run throughout the year.

Facebook & Twitter

We will establish both Face Book and Twitter Accounts to provide avenues of communication with young people that we encounter in the ministry. This will include setting up discussion forums, bible study and interesting articles. All such activities will require parental permission and fall within Safe Ministry Guidelines. For further information contact us.